Twelve months ago Maldon and Newstead Groups came together with the idea of dissolving their current groups and creating a new group. Newstead Group currently has four brigades and Maldon Group has three brigades.

After a year of meetings and working together through the fire season a new ‘super’ group has been born. Shane Scoble Newstead Group Officer and Sean McCubbin Maldon Group Officer have been working closely to ensure the new group will be beneficial to both existing groups.

On 1 July 2016 Strathlodddon Group will be officially up and running. After deciding on the name in February, an election of the new group management team was held in May. Shane Scoble was elected as the inaugural Strathloddon Group Officer.

Although the formation of a new group was supported by the District, the creation was driven from the ground up by groups and brigades. The benefits of the new group include:

a greater pool of knowledge and resources for group training
increased flexibility within strike teams and rostering
enhanced inter brigade relationships across the group area
streamlining management structure
The two groups worked together for over a year formulating strategies and overcoming any potential issues so it could be a smooth transition to the new Strathloddon Group. It has been a lot of hard work but clearly a job worth doing.