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JUNE 2024.









April 2023

A proud day for the Brigade and all the members that participated in the Anzac day ceremony and a great response from the local community who attend making it a great success.

March 2024

Newstead Fire Brigade ….Good Friday Team and support crew 2024.
Our grand total for 2024 $3,975.50 collected from local community and travelling public thanks to all who kindly donated.

February 2024

 Brigade members were paged to a motor vehicle accident (MVA) with possible persons trapped, on Campbell St in Newstead. On arrival we found a 2 vehicle collision had occurred with the driver of one vehicle not trapped, but requiring ambulance assistance to get out of the vehicle. This was the only injury and the driver was conveyed via ambulance to Bendigo hospital.
Even on the clearest of days, accidents can and will happen. We ask all motorist to please drive carefully and consider other road users at all times.
Our thanks to our friends at Ambulance Victoria for their prompt response and also to Castlemaine SES for their assistance as well.
We wish the injured driver a speedy recovery.

January 2024

Newstead brigade supported Campbelltown at a grass fire opposite the Black Duck hotel.
The lesson to take away from this incident, is that although we have had a LOT of rain recently, and there is apparently more coming, there is still the potential for fire, especially in crop or pasture paddocks. The green grass growth is low but the tops are still dry and will burn. Combined with a bit of wind and you have potential for a serious fire.
Fortunately the fire today was contained mainly to one paddock and the roadside.


At about 8:30 Friday night the brigade was paged for our Big Fill to respond to support Woodstock West to a large grass fire at Shelbourne. Our Big Fill replaced Inglewood BF which was paged to another incident not far away. We supported Kangaroo Flat BF in supply water to over 20 tankers that were on scene of a fire that burnt out 150ha. Our BF delivering at least 15 loads of water, totally approximately 42,000L of water and that doesn’t include the amount Kangaroo Flat BF delivered or how much was dropped by helicopters. Suffice it to say, a lot of water.
The fire is believed to have started from a motorist who’s vehicle suffered a mechanical fault while driving.



The Newstead Fire Brigade conducted its monthly training session in December with a presentation from Forest fire management Victoria. followed by our Christmas lunch

November 2023


Brigade members have just returned from a grass fire in Muckleford. The fire was moving northerly under the southerly breeze and had burned through two adjoining paddocks. Due to the quick response of brigades, the fire was stopped from crossing Rilens Rd and contained to the southern side. 9 trucks in all were needed to control the fire.
The grass is drying quickly. There’s plenty of green still around, which helped slow the spread of the fire, but as we can see from a large number of fires already across the region, the grass is ready to burn and in windy conditions will spread quickly.

November 2023

21 Members from the Newstead Fire Brigade participated in our Monthly training session with the use of all our equipment on the banks of the Loddon River.With a hotter and dryer summer approaching members where put through a number of drills to enhance there skills for the oncoming session.