Register Your Burn

Members from the Newstead Fire Brigade participated in a training session with the Campbells Creek fire brigade at there station in Virtual fire fighting.The session covered training in multiple scenarios from a grass and scrub fire to chemical fires. It was a first for our members and this type of training will play a bigger part in our training as we move into the future.

Sandon Grass And Scrub Fire

Newstead Fire Brigade was paged to another grass fire in Sandon. En-route to the job the address was updated to be the same address as yesterday’s fire. Unfortunately, the wind and heat of the day had cause a hot-spot to flare up and it re-ignited some grass but due to the strong south winds, the fire was able to take hold. With assistance from air support and 10 other brigades, we were able to stop the fire after burning through about 5 ha. No property or livestock were lost. It is unfortunate, but not all that uncommon and despite the best efforts of crews, that hot-spots will flare up a day, or more after an initial fire. They usually pop up when it is windy, or hot, or both. Photos taken from Newstead Tanker 1

Newstead Tanker 2

It’s finally happened.
After a longer than usual wait (thanks COVID), Newstead Brigade has a new, Brigade owned tanker. It is online and ready to respond whenever you need us.
This new tanker was purchased through VESEP grant process and Brigade contribution.
We would like to thank the Brigade Auxiliary for all their hard work and devotion to our Brigade. Without them this truck wouldn’t be here. Also, to you, our community. We are still amazed by your generosity and your donations have also contributed to make this purchase possible. This new tanker belongs to you and is here to serve you.

Members Brigade Training

Brigade members have been training on the operation of our new Tanker 2 and other appliances for the up coming fire season pictured we have members participating in the operation of our equipment at our last training day.

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