Adopt A Fire Plug

Newstead CFA Adopt A Fire Plug

Located on Street Corners?or near nature strips throughought
the Newstead Township are fire plugs.

Should a fire
break out it is essential that firefighters can gain access to these plugs and
hydrants to ensure an adequate supply of water.

As a resident you can help by ??adopting?? the
hydrant near your property.

Each hydrant should have a white post with a blue reflective marker on
it If the passing road is sealed there should also be a blue reflective marker glued
onto the road surface. You can help by making sure the above are in place.

* Please keep
grass and soil clear from the top of the ground ball covers and do not
landscape over them.

* Keep bushes
and undergrowth clear from around the hydrant.

* Also, ensure
that no vehicle parks over the top, restricting access.
If the post ?or road marker is missing or if there are any faults or damage to your ??adopted?? fire hydrant


For further information Contact Doug Richardson 042776235 email

Standard Fire Plug?


Plug Road Marker
Fire Plug Marker Post