06/10/2013 Static water supply Training.








                                                                                                                                                  20/11/2012: Pre Summer Training





01/07/2012:11 Members Attended B.A Training at the station to maintain our skills in the use of Breathing Apparatus.Members were put through a small exercise incorporating our new portable radios as well.

Chris and Rob go through the Exercise


Back Charles,Doug,Cameron,Jason,Rob Front Chris Trephor and ray

04/03/2012: 10 members Attended training in the use of our new Portek pistol grip nozzle

Brigade Training 4-3-2012


Members man the pump and Hydrant March 2012







24/01/2012: 9 members attended a training session on the new crew protection system on Newstead Tankers 1 & 2 with each member operating the intercom system and activation of sprinkler system.

Newstead Tanker 1 Crew Protection
Newstead Tanker 2 Crew Protection





BA Training


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