Grass and Scrub Fire Newstead Creswick Road.
A little after 2am on the 15/01/2019 the brigade was paged to a grass fire on the Newstead/Creswick Rd near Sandon. The fire was on the side of the road and has burnt out a patch of grass about 100m long by about 10m wide. Not a big fire at 2am, but could have been disastrous 12 hours later. On the back of a similar fire in Campbelltown around midnight last Friday night we ask all community members to be extra vigilant and aware of your actions. No cause has been determined for both these fires at this stage. A fire investigator will be looking into this morning's fire today. Thanks to our friends from Guildford and Franklinford for your help this morning.
Support Franklinford.
A little after 2pm on the 12/01/2019 the brigade was called to support Franklinford to a column of smoke sighted on the Yandoit - Sandon Rd in Yandoit Hills which turned out to be a grass fire. Both Newstead tankers, the Bigfill and Support vehicle attended and assisted both Franklinford tankers as well as a tanker from Campbelltown, Daylesford and Porcupine Ridge. We often talk about bad fire days usually being accompanied by hot dry northerly winds, but ANY wind can push a fire and make it uncontrollable. The cause of this fire is not yet known.
Supprt Maldon
At about 5:50 pm on the 31/12/2019 the brigade was called out to a re ignition off yesterday's fire at Bradford. Re-ignition can occur due to a build up of fine fuels on the ground which retain a lot of heat. To the naked eye the is no indication however later on when the wind picks up these hot spots can re ignite. Castlemaine brigade were requested to attend with their Thermal Imageing Camera to ensure there were no sneaky hotspots left behind.
Castlemaine Procession Castlemaine Show
4 New Heavy Tankers Newstead, Castlemaine, Harcourt and Castlemaine on display around the 1.5 Million Dollars of equipment.
MVA Maldon Newstead Road
Newstead Brigade responded to an MVA on the Maldon Newstead Road but in actual fact the incident was not your usual MVA.
Newstead Fire Brigade 2018
What has your local brigade been up to.

Newstead Fire Brigade 2018

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