Fire Restrictions
Fire Restrictions are now in force in the shire of Mount Alexander and the shire of Hepburn.

Newstead Fire Brigade January 2018

Muckleford Gorge Lightning Strike
On Australia Day the brigade were alerted to a column of smoke in the vicinity of Newstead Cemetery as a result of a lightning strike. Upon turning out, we noticed smoke but it was much further east; in a gully between Symes Rd and Yapeen Rd at Muckleford South. Fortunately, due to the accompanying rain, the fire hadn't really been able to get going and was very quickly brought under control, once we were able to get to it. Thanks to the support from Campbells Creek T1 and Spt, Maldon T1, as well as all the Newstead appliances.
Campbelltown Grass and Scrub Fire
At 3:30 on Saturday the 20th Jan, Newstead Tanker 1 and BigFill were deployed as part of a Strike Team 0290 from the Strathloddon Group to the grass & scrub fire on the Newstead Creswick Road between Smeaton and Campbelltown. A Strike Team usually consists of a command vehicle, 5 tankers and either a support vehicle or in our case the big fill. There were a number of Air craft and Strike Teams from across district 2 as well as district 15 were deployed to make a total of 30 appliances to control the fire. Great work by all crews to bring this fire under control in what was very difficult terrain to work in. Video taken From Newstead Tanker 1.

Campbelltown Grass & Scrub Fire 20/01/2018

Grass and Scrub Fire Dundas St Newstead
At around 10:30pm on Sunday the 14/01/2018 the brigade was called to a grass fire spreading in Simpson St Newstead. We arrived on scene to find a small patch of grass on fire. A young possum was found at the scene minus his whiskers and with burns on his feet. Reports of a loud bang and power outages across town has lead us to put two and two together and believe the possum has some explaining to do. The possum is still alive, and was placed in the hands of WIRES to assist it's recovery.
MVA Mia Mia Road Newstead
The Newstead Fire Brigade were called to a single vehicle accident along Mia Mia Rd on Thursday 11th January. The single occupant was extricated by Castlemaine SES and transported to Melbourne via air ambulance with non life threatening injuries.Great Work By Castlemaine SES and Ambulance Victoria with assistance from our brigade members. A good outcome from a potentially bad situation. Take care on our roads, they can be very slippery and trees don't tend to move. Stay safe out there.
Truck Wash Away
The Newstead Fire Brigade was called out to a wash away on the Newstead Creswick road at 2.00 pm on Tuesday 9th January on arrival a milk delivery truck had clipped a tree and tipped on its side ending up in the middle of the road. Brigade members assisted in traffic control and cleaning up of the truck wreckage and sweeping of the road a job well done by all.
Newstead Fire Brigade 2017 – 2018
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