Fire Restrictions
Fire Restrictions are now in force in the shire of Mount Alexander and will come in on Monday 27th November 2017 in the shire of Hepburn.
Fire Restrictions 2017
Members of the public need to make sure they have completed any burn offs prior to the introductions of the fire restrictions on the 20th November 2017. Your local CFA Brigade may be able to assist you with those burn offs contact Captain Doug Richardson for further information.
Brigade Training Sunday 5 November
The Newstead Fire Brigade held its monthly Training session for November focusing on our fire ground drills and in particular our entrapment drill along with some grass fie drills.
Breathing Apparatus Training November 2017
The Brigade members held training for the ongoing skills maintenance in the operation and use of Breathing Apparatus members completed a set of exercises to enhance themselves in the use of the equipment.
Strathloddon Group Exercise October 2017
The Newstead Fire Brigade participated in the Strathloddon group exercise a round robin set of exercises carried out in the Guildford Brigade area followed up by a BBQ lunch.
Newstead Market Day
The Newstead Fire Brigades market day was on again today with another successful day thanks to the stall holders and general public for their participation for a great day.
Newstead Fire Brigade 2017
What has your local brigade been up to.

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