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Breathing Apparatus Training
On Friday 16 August Brigade members completed a training session in the use of our breathing apparatus. Thanks to local residents we have been able to use a house for a search and rescue drill. Members responded in our tanker and ran the drill responding to a call of people unaccounted for and smoke issuing from a dwelling.
Domestic Prop Training
Brigade Members attended a training session with the CFA Domestic Prop Fire on Wedensday the 31st July at the Castlemaine fire station.
Car Prop Training.
Brigade Members attended a training session with the CFA Car Prop Fire on Monday the 6th May at the Castlemaine fire station.
Car Fire Pyrenees Hwy
At 03:50 this morning 18/03/2019 the brigade was paged to a car fire approx 2km on the Carisbrook side of Newstead. Upon arrival the car was fully involved and the fire had spread into the still tinder dry grass and scrub surrounding the car. Both Newstead tankers were on scene. Two crew members in breathing apparatus dealt with the car fire while remaining crews were able to extinguish the grass fire. Cool, still conditions meant the grass fire didn't spread far but the grass is still very dry and any breeze would have resulted in a more significant spreading grass fire. The car is suspected to have been stolen from Melbourne. Good work by all Newstead members at such an early hour this morning.

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