Castlemaine Procession Castlemaine Show
4 New Heavy Tankers Newstead, Castlemaine, Harcourt and Castlemaine on display around the 1.5 Million Dollars of equipment.
MVA Maldon Newstead Road
Newstead Brigade responded to an MVA on the Maldon Newstead Road but in actual fact the incident was not your usual MVA.
Grass and Scrub Fire Gower
Newstead Fire Brigade supported Maldon to a Scrub fire the first for this summer very early.
BA Training July 2018
In July the brigade participated in a skills maintenance training session utilising Breathing Apparatus. Our Bigfill and Ute were parked outside and various items of "equipment" were strewn randomly around the inside of the shed. The investment of a smoke machine added to the "atmosphere" in the shed (alas there were no disco balls present). The scenario brief was that the building was owned by a hoarder and had become smoke logged with two persons unaccounted for; a search and rescue scenario. Crews, in pairs, entered the shed in the attempt to save the victims. Each pair entered the structure twice, the second time the victims were located in a different place. The addition of the smoke machine made for a much more realistic scenario. First entering crews found the smoke to be not to bad, however as the scenario went on, the amount of smoke got much thicker and it was very difficult to see your own air pressure guage so the searching part was done by feel. Great training session for all involved. BA members refreshing their skills and some non-BA members having an opportunity to experience a smoky environment in relative safety. Thanks must go to our Captain Doug Richardson for his effort and imagination in setting up the scenario and all involved for making it a valuable and worthwhile session. Photos to follow shortly.
MVA Newstead
At approx 2:30 pm on Saturday 07/0/2018 the brigade were alerted to a single vehicle accident at the corner of the Pyrenees Hwy and the Daylesford Rd (Maryborough side of the bridge). A single vehicle had gone through the intersection and rolled before ending up in the creek culvert. A single male occupant was taken by Air Ambulance to hospital in a serious condition. The cause of the accident is unknown at this stage. This is the 4th MVA and the 3rd requiring air ambulance the brigade has attended this year so far. Please be careful and take it easy on our roads. A special extra reminder of the 40km/h speed limit restriction when driving near emergency vehicles with Red, Blue or Magenta flashing lights. We want to help you, but we also want to get home safe.
Newstead Fire Brigade 2018
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Newstead Fire Brigade 2018

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