Fire restrictions are now in Force in the Mount Alexander ,City of greater Bendigo ,Hepburn and Central Goldfields shires.
Campbelltown Grass and scrub Fire
On a day of Total Fire Ban the Newstead Brigade turned out to support Campbelltown to a grass and scrub fire on the Newstead Creswick roan in Campbelltown. The small fire was quickly brought under control.
Grass and Scrub Fire Mount Franklin
Today, the Newstead Brigade was paged to support Franklinford fire brigade to an escalation of a grass and scrub fire at Mt Franklin. We had a strong turnout of members with all our appliances getting out the door to fulfill their respective roles on the fire-ground. Notably, Newstead Big Fill, our newest appliance, experienced it's maiden job today and performed excellently along it's more seasoned counterpart from Hepburn. Both big fill appliances were able to continually fill 5 tankers at a time in rapid succession to keep the water on the fire.With great support from a CFA Heletac out of Ballarat the head of the fire was knocked down and ground crews were able to contain and mop up. A great job by all crews today and it serves as a reminder to everyone, that even in cooler conditions as we are currently experiencing, the grass is still EXTREMELY dry and fires will start and spread quickly.
Parked happily in the shed beside our support Ute is the newest addition to the Newstead and District Fire Brigade's fleet. Our very own Big Fill. A big fill is a high capacity pump mounted on the back of a vehicle which is deployed to assist in rapid refilling of tankers and can also be utilized where other high capacity pumping requirements exist such as flood mitigation and structure fires. The brand new Newstead Big Fill rides on the back of a Toyota Landcruiser cab-chassis powered by a 4.5L V8 Diesel motor. The pump itself is also diesel powered and is capable of delivering up to 2000 liters per minute and can fill up to four fire trucks simultaneously. It can draw water from any static water source such as dams, creeks, swimming pools, tanks etc and can also utilize reticulated, or mains water as well. This is a welcome addition to our resources for the protection of the Newstead and District community and has arrived just in time for the rapidly approaching fire season. Training for brigade members has commenced on the appliance and it is already online and available for operation if required.
Newstead Fire Brigade
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